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Is your son or daughter talking about deviant sexual behavior right under your nose? Beware the new slang!

We've all been akin to slang over the years, and one must keep in mind that slang evolves. Your child may be talking about sodomy right in front of you, but you'd never know because of the "new code".
Here are just a few words of the new code, along with their definitions:
  • Bang- to have intercourse, often rough (Johnny banged Mary).
  • Head- oral sex (Jenny gave Tommy head).
  • Homework- masturbation (My wrist is tired from all the homework last night).
  • XBox- vagina (I was on the XBox at Samantha's house).
  • Bookbag- scrotum (Nancy carried Joey's bookbag).
  • Fellatio- oral sex (This is not actualy slang, this is the technical term for it. I didn't know that before, so I thought I'd point it out to everyone).
  • Ride on the Scooter- anal sex
  • This list will become longer as I further crack the code. Be vigilant, and if you hear these slang words being used freely, they are more than likely sexually pervreted and deviant.

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