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This is the portion of the website where I really get to point out the awful things going on out there. Please check back regularly, since I'll update this whenever I can. Also, if you find anything that the world should know about, please write me at or you can update on the outrage section of my blog. I'll only put your first name up, to preserve your privacy.

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The C****beaters
Originally, I was going to start this page expressing my outrage over the Monday Night Football/Desparate Housewives intro, but I was stopped dead in my tracks by a reader submission (Thanks, Ben). I'd rather not mention their name, but their atrocious album is called A Charlie Brown Passion. If the cover weren't enough, the "song" titles such as "The Deciples Rode Scooters", "Banging Mary" and "Farting in Church" let you know what kind of disgusting scholck you are in for.
I have checked with my local WalMart and on, and I'm happy to say neither carry this album at the current time, but be on the lookout. I have also heard that during their concerts the are prone to throwing feces and rubber private parts at the audience, and they won't even start their show until someone provides them the ashes from a burnt American flag! If anyone knows the whereabouts of these smut peddlers, please let me know so I can post an update. 

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Purple Crimson
Although I do not like the title of this album, I have not heard of any issues with its lyrics (it does not have a parental advisory, possibly due to the double meaning of the word "gayness").  I have heard, however, that this boy band's live performances consist of them dressing as Frenchmen, with berets and striped shirts, and touching each other's private parts.
My sources also tell me the lead singer, Pierre LeFrenchie, once collapsed on stage and had to be taken to the hospital. They pumped his stomach, and it was full of gerbil "fluids".

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