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American Television has Become a Bastion for Homosexual Indecency

It seems one cannot go from channel to channel without running across a homosexual character on TV. It is more obvious nowadays with shows such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Will and Grace, and Queer as Folk depicting openly deviant characters, but the media has a much more sinister agenda. For years, gay characters have been placed under our noses, figuratively, in an effort to make it seem "okay to be gay". We're never actually told these characters are homosexuals, but all the traits are there.
The following is a list of shows you should be wary of in an effort to protect your children:
Ellen DeGeneres: Her talk show seems innocent enough, but remember, she's gay.
Father of the Pride: Computer-animated cartoon about Sigfried and Roy's animals. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times. If you want wholesome family computer-animated fun, Veggie Tales is the way to go.
Trading Spaces: Female carpenters and male interior designers, enough said.
The King of Queens: I have an issue with the title, more than anything.
The Odd Couple: When this show was first out, I never really thought too much about the concept. They gave you the basic premise in the opening credits. Felix wife kicks him out of his home, so he moves in with Oscar. But they never went into why Felix's wife left him. I'd bet good money she caught him soliciting a male prostitute. That's my hunch, anyway.
Flintstones: In the theme song, they say "We'll have a gay old time".
Looney Tunes:  A short list of issues
  • Bugs Bunny: Cross-dresser
  • Daffy Duck: Lisp
  • Pepe LePew: French
  • Foghorn Leghorn: Surrounded by hens, but only wants to mess with a male dog.


Think of how perverted just this one scene would look if all the characters were human.
1. Bugs- in drog, stripping
2. Porky- no pants
3. Dog- nude, reaching around Porky
What are we subjecting our children to? Post your thoughts on my blog.

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