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Who are the United Outraged American Families for Decency?

United Outraged American Familes for Decency (formerly the United Outraged Families for Decency and Values in American Media) was formed in 2004 after its founder, Al Candra, a retired Texas oil billionaire decided to do something about getting America back on its proper moral path. Since then Al has been working steadfastly to put the "Al" back in "values".


We are dedicated to contributing to the vigilance of the American populace. Should moral outrage occur in the media, we'll let you know about it. If something is perverting our American neighborhoods, you'll see it here first. America will strike back against these forces of perversion and the liberal media elite!

Al Candra
President and Founder
United Outraged American Families for Decency


Al Candra- Putting the "Al" back in "values"

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