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Sinister Gay Conspiracies on Our Youth
Sinister Gay Conspiracies on Our Youth
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They're trying to convert our children, Ages 3 and up!

For decades, perhaps even centuries, there has been a longstanding homosexual underground movement working to recruit our children to their side. Most of these efforts are very subtle, until you look at it in the proper perspective. Of course, I'm speaking of board games. These tools of the dark side have been cleverly designed in an attempt to ease our children into gayness. In this article, I will point out just a few of this homosexual sleights of hand. I invite you to discuss this subject and help America by pointing out other examples on my blog.

Hey, sailor! Want to go down the chute!

Chutes and Ladders
Just look at little Lucky Pierre the game piece over here. A little "light in the loafers", wouldn't you say? And he's the most masculine one, besides the girls. 

All the pieces in checkers are male, right? The object of this game is for your male pieces to "jump" the other male pieces, and then you take them. Then if you get to the other side of the board, you stack the two male pieces on top of each other where they can "go both ways".

You've got an (apparently) naked guy on the table, and you're supposed to grab his parts?

Hey little boy, come sit on Rich Uncle Pennybag's lap. We can go prance around in Marvin Gardens later...

Professor Plum. Need I say more?

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