"He's a maniac- maniac on the dance floor..."

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September 13,2001: It's Moik has been relocated for a short time to this link. For the moment, our front page is dedicated to the ridicule of suspected WTC and Pentagon bomber Osama bin Laden, and any other bastard who had any ties in the atrocious acts committed this week. I know this site changes nothing, but perhaps gives someone a moment of comic relief when it is deparately needed. Explore our gallery in the links below.

Assama Behind Closed Doors

Assama Gets Trashed

Forgotten Springer Episode Explains It All.

Where Assama Keeps His Spare Turban

Assama Working it for the Camera

Norman Rockwell's Assama

Assama Gets Some Big Guns

Assama Having Gay Relations with a Porcupine While Jamming Rabid Shaven Gerbils into his Backside

Old Ad Featuring Assama

Assama and "Friend"

bin Laden Getting Smooth Under the Robe

The bin Laden Jimmy Kick

Assama and the Pump

Assama, as seen on COPS

A Bin Laden Slurpee