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America Strikes Back- The Blog
Wednesday, 16 February 2005
Mood:  blue
With a heavy heart, I've decided that my reporting of the Al Franken candidacy was irresponsible, and I should take a break from blogging for a while. America Strikes Back-The Blog is on indefinite hiatus. Thanks for your loyal support.

Al Candra
President and Founder
United Outraged American Families for Decency

Al Candra- Putting the "Al" in "Values"

Posted by Al at 8:11 AM EST
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Wednesday, 16 February 2005 - 10:03 AM EST

Name: Pete G.

Indefinite hiatus? Al, please say it isn't so!

You can't stop now! Those liberal wolves are out, licking their chops and waiting to sink their fangy teeth into the juicy steak of our innocent children's future. And what will that future be? A bastardized America that's littered with gay marriages, communist books in schools, black presidents, heroin given out in candy stores, cops armed with flowers, pornography in prime time, and churches being taken over for homeless shelter?!?

You can't quit the fight for DECENCY, Al. You must sustain your OUTRAGE. We must remain UNITED. If only for the sake of the AMERICAN FAMILIES.

After all, if you stop, who will put the "Al" back in "Values"?

Wednesday, 16 February 2005 - 7:14 PM EST

Name: superbighahatime

mr. al we all mistakes
Sometime tree grow so fast it get big and stem cannot handle
it fall over
get back up mr. al tie self to stake

we need to find al in value

Tuesday, 22 February 2005 - 2:42 PM EST

Name: Peter G.

Tree...? Stem...? What the f--- is this guy talking about?

Whatever. Al, you need to come back. If for no other reason than to tell Mr. Miyagi here to start making sense or stop posting. I can't take another "word" of his garbled Engrish.

Saturday, 26 February 2005 - 12:18 AM EST

Name: superbighahatime

mr little peter
maybe you need take time to look at you self
you too much agression and not represent values
mr. al is very upset he misreport news on web blob
but you have racism in you call me Mr. Miyagi
oh real funny wax on wax off yeah ha ha peter
every post you write to mr. al site full of racist
you post have to be removed because even rightwing al find offensive

Saturday, 26 February 2005 - 12:21 AM EST

Name: superbighahatime

Mr. Al:

Enough time has passed to cover shame of you actions. You need bring back web blog on values.

Sunday, 27 February 2005 - 10:45 PM EST

Name: Elroy Foull Krappensteiner

Repent for your lies before the Lord Jesus Christ. Your website is an abomination of the plan laid forth by our Holy Father. You have made money from pillaging the bounty of the earth while people starve in distant lands. It is clear that your organization is just a front for the propagation of politically expedient values for your perverted oil aristocracy.

You Al Candra are a sinner before our Lord Jesus Christ. Repent your evil excesses and make good for your misleading the innocents.

Also I am glad you have decided to end this blog of sin after realizing how you have lied to so many innocent people.

May the Lord have mercy on your soul.

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