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Monday, 24 January 2005
What's the Deal with these Liberals?
Mood:  loud
Topic: Outrage!!!
I'm starting this out with a pseudo-quote from Jerry Seinfeld, for two reasons:
1. I really do want to know what the deal is with these liberals.
2. It's paraphrasing Jerry Seinfeld, who I find very funny, even though his religious views are likely different from mine, thus further demonstrating my tolerance of most people.

I visited a blog of a liberal this week, and posted a response which was intended to help him see what real Americans think. Instead recognizing my point of view, the blogger decided this was some way of soapboxing about how he feels about people who care about American values and decency, and then took it further with some mock conversations. Well Mr. Liberal, here's the shoe on the other foot.

American: Social Security is in Crisis.
Liberal: No it's not, and I want to get gay-married!

American: George Bush stands for American values, and will help spread freedom throughout the world.
Liberal: George Bush does not support my right to gay marriage and abortion, so I'd rather support a candidate who endagered the lives of numerous Vietnam veterans.

And so it goes. I guess the poet Robert Frost said it best. "Good fences make good neighbors".

Posted by Al at 10:09 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 24 January 2005 11:18 AM EST
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Monday, 24 January 2005 - 3:11 PM EST

Name: The Indy Voice
Home Page:

Yes Al, you are very tolerant of others but you're not very creative. Why don't you make an analogy about liberals to make your point? Try something like liberals are like little dogs that are constantly yapping at ya but when you feign like your going to kick their butt they run away. That is what you believe, right? Give it shot.

Check out I have responded to you and your buddy (is it strictly plutonic?) Peter.

Let's have a mass debate!

The Indy Voice

Tuesday, 25 January 2005 - 1:13 PM EST

Name: Harry the Homo

Mr. Candra,
What exactly is it you have against gays, and why are they not allowed the same basic rights as any other gorup of people out there?

Tuesday, 25 January 2005 - 4:19 PM EST

Name: Peter G.


Maybe you've heard of a little book called THE BIBLE?!?

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