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Thursday, 10 January 2008
Undecided for the primaries
Mood:  not sure

First, I know it's been a long time since I posted, but I was on tour promoting my book "The 51st State: What Americans Need to Know About the Benefits of Annexing Iraq, and the Pround Effect It Will Have Against the Islamofacist and Homosexual Agendas". Let me express my thanks to the dozens of you who came out to my signings (Peter, I had a totally different image of you in my head. In all your postings, I don't think you ever mentioned you were a dwarf).

Anyway,  Primary season is upon us, and I know many of you are waiting to hear my two cents on who to vote for. For the moment, I'm pretty much undecided. Huck is probably going to be my guy, but his anti-torture stance is unattractive to me. I really wish Cheney would see the light and toss his hat into the ring, but that seems pretty much like a pipe dream at this time. Another one that would be completely awesome- Laura Bush! Imagine Laura just beating the snot out of Hillary in the national election. Besides, it would be just like having my man W in for another 4 years!


Thanks, and God Bless,

Al Candra

President and Founder

United Outraged American Families for Decency 

Putting the "Al" back in "Values" 

Posted by Al at 11:20 AM EST
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Thursday, 10 January 2008 - 11:47 AM EST

Name: "Peter Gozinya"

Al, we prefer the term "little people."

 Anyway, thank the good Lord you're back in action!  Because this country is at risk, my friend.  We had it too good for too long with W. and C-Rock at the helm.  Now the leftie candy-asses are poised to take the executive office and leave our country more vulnerable than a prison cornhole.

I like the Huckster, too, but is he electable?  That's thing right now, Al.  We gotta get behind the GOP candidate who has the broadest appeal to the American people.  That's why I'm putting my efforts and donations behind M-Rom.

Who doesn't secretly want to be a millionaire with six wives?  Nobody.  I truly believe that when your average American is all alone behind the curtain, he's gonna pull the lever for the candidate that not only can best lead this great Nation, but who best represents the American Dream.

Go Mittster!

- Pete

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