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Welcome, fellow American! As a great man once said, "It is the best of times. It is the worst of times.", and that's exactly what we have now, except worse. Worse because we have rampant lesbianism in high school bathrooms across this great country. Worse when our schoolchlidren are subjected to having to hear about how Johnny has two daddies at home. Worse when the television is so chock full of pervision that a family cannot watch a football game without sexual suggestion.
But We can make it better! America can strike back! Speak Out, along with the Outraged American Families for Decency! Collectively we can tell the liberal elite that we do not approve!

We need to organize. Please come back to this site regularly to know where the United Outraged American Families for Decency will focus our attacks, as well as letter templates to inform these liberal media elites we do not approve of their tactics in peddling their smut!


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May 2005

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